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All you wanted to know about recovery after the course

All you wanted to know about recovery after the course

The reception of steroid drugs is compulsorily violating the hormonal background of the body. Without this, nothing at all. Otherwise, we will not be able to collect the cherished kilograms of mass and achieve the sports results that are targeted. Many people in the sports world believe that steroids are harm. It's really a disaster if anabolics are in the hands of an athlete who is not going to learn the basic points, but not so many. These include the topic that we will consider in this article - recovery after the course. How to recover and not lose muscle, but still keep your health?

Who or what prevents the recovery after the course?

Restoring after the course is difficult for the reason that the body still has artificial testosterone, thanks to which we have received the coveted achievements. During recovery, we are required to raise the normal level of the male sex hormone, but this is not so easy.

Firstly, to begin with, it is necessary to wait until the artificial androgen ceases to work, which then affects the work of the hypothalamus. But it is the hypothalamus responsible for the production of LH, which affects the natural level of testosterone. But do not wait at the sea for the weather. Look at what kind of steroids you used, the half-life. This value indicates when the anabolic will be removed from the body.

Typically, if the injection was done on the tenth week, then two more weeks you will just have to wait for androgen to leave the body. Only then can one proceed with actions to increase the natural level of the male sex hormone.

Other factors that impede recovery

It should also be understood that inserting sticks into the wheels and interfering with recovery will be the amount of estrogens. Since during the course of the process there was a process of aromatization, testosterone was actively converted into estradiol. And as we know where estradiol is, there and his true friend is prolactin, which enhances the properties of estrogens. As a rule, these two hormones always increase at the same time.

Prolactin has the property of inhibiting the hypothalamus, which in turn should trigger the production of the luteinizing hormone responsible for the production of testosterone. Many athletes do not understand the connection between honey estradiol and prolactin, suppress the first, leaving the second without attention, and then wonder why the result remained unsatisfactory. In all, prolactin is to blame.

It is best, especially for beginning athletes, to take the rule - you do not have to increase the amount of testosterone, but lower the concentration of estrogens and prolactin that block the synthesis of LH. And it is necessary to adhere to a certain order - first to lower prolactin, and only then to regulate the amount of estrogens, using special preparations. Reducing prolactin is necessary before post-course therapy, but not at any other time. Prolactin can be reduced with the drug Dostinex, but estradiol - with Letrazol. Both of them can be purchased at a pharmacy or at a pharmacological shop.

Why is it necessary to lower prolactin?

If you have not yet understood what you are reducing prolactin for, explain it again. Prolactin strengthens the action of estrogens. By lowering both these hormones, we take the path of increasing testosterone, libido and the normal functioning of the testicles, which are responsible for spermatogenesis. Do I need drugs to raise testosterone or stimulate the testicles? No. Letrazole, which you will use to reduce the concentration of estrogen, it also stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone by the release of LH. And I must say that no one has complained about this stimulation - it is quite strong.

How to take Letrazole for estrogen correction?

Letrazole is taken both during the course and at the end of the course, when it is already necessary to make the transition to PCT. Experienced athletes and professional doctors advise taking the drug during the course - this method is safer and inspires confidence that everything will pass as it should. But this technique can reduce the increase in muscle mass. But the drug at the end of the course is less safe and is associated with various side effects, but it does not affect the muscle mass. You can use a dosage of 1 tablet in 7 days - you can also divide the tablet with a knife into three equal parts and take 3 times a week. You choose a more convenient way.

If you decide to drink the drug after the course and are preparing to go to the PCT, then we advise you to drink the pill every other day. Duration of admission - 14 days, then it is desirable to reduce the dose. But you need to understand that the dosage is set individually. Of great importance is the age and weight of the athlete. And you need to drink the drug in general only when there is a need for it. That is, you should start taking tests that show an overestimated or normal level of prolactin and estradiol.

Analyzes are performed 4 weeks after the end of the testosterone esters with a long half-life. And again - we remind you that the tests should be taken as often as possible to control the numbers and behavior of estrogens. You can also adjust the dose according to the testimony. A high figure indicates that it is possible to increase the dose, low - to reduce or cancel the drug.

When it is not necessary to use Letrazole?

Most athletes, after hearing new information, begin to use it even without the need. We want to warn that you do not need to take the drug on each course. This should be done only if there was aromatization, and some amount of testosterone was converted into estrogens. It must be remembered that any pharmacological agent is chemistry. How would we not love her, but it affects the body. It is necessary to use drugs only in case of incredible necessity. And if there is an opportunity to do without them - it's better that it will be so.

If you take anabolic steroids that give flavor and can lead to gynecomastia, then Letrazole is your friend and helper. And if you use safe steroids, hold the drug until the next time, it will come in handy and play a role, be sure.

How to reduce and block prolactin?

As we have already said, one should take very careful consideration of prolactin. High prolactin necessarily leads to a high level of estrogen. If the analysis showed an increased concentration of prolactin, then you need to reduce it. This will help Dostinex. This drug has a very good advantage - it almost does not harm the muscles. Twice a week in an amount up to 0.5 mg will be enough for prevention. Reducing prolactin with this drug will help to release LH and embark on the pathway of producing natural testosterone.

Should I use Clomid and Tamoxifen and when?

These drugs promote the synthesis of LH and are anti-estrogens. But you need to remember one thing, Tamoxifen affects the increase in progesterone. To accept them or not is up to you and the sports pharmacologist. It is important to remember that PKT is a very important recovery procedure, without which a new anabolic course is impossible. If you use drugs that affect the synthesis of certain hormones, you should carefully consider the scheme of taking.